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  1. There was a building being erected near some train tracks and old mills, and at the time it was a simple four story frame being built by Mortenson Construction.  It had been a long time since I had seen a decent construction site, and my friend and I had been talking about climbing cranes for a while.  Neither of us had ever had the chance to try, or the guts to go through with it.  This place had a very decent sized crane for the taking.  So it was decided we would explore the building, and if things seemed quiet enough, we would finally go for it.

    We followed the train tracks to approach the building from behind, and after we were as sure as possible that the mobile offices were empty, we jumped the fence and quickly made for shelter.  From the first level of the building, we checked the grounds again to be sure things were clear from an interior perspective, and that no one had heard our noisy entrance.  We then climbed the temporary stairs that had been assembled as slowly and quietly as possible, straight to the top level.  

    From the top, we could see the nearby stadium with its lights on, the rail house at the end of the tracks, and the rest of the grounds, which we kept eyes on to be sure there wasn’t any unwanted activity.  The occasional train passed by.  It was the only noise we heard for most of the night.

    After we finished up with our photographs, it was time to tackle the crane.  We descended to ground level and began trying to figure out how to get into the thing.  The base was surrounded by a good 15 feet of wooden wall, and a padlocked door.  Being back on the ground made us tense again, and while searching for something to help us climb, I was ready to accept defeat if it meant we could get out of there.  Soon enough, we found a sizable ladder, and got onto the mast where we made our ascension in plain sight of the mobile offices.  Things remained quiet though, so I continued climbing until I reached the very top.  It was fantastic exercise getting up there, and although the hatch was locked, I still had wonderful views of the land below.

    "Mortenson Construction Site" - Adventure Series #3
    Completed Late 2011 - Photography Work - Shapes Industries

    15:47 5th Jan 2012

    tags:  Adventure  Exploration  Construction  Mortenson  Train Tracks  Photography  Night  Building  Crane  Climbing