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    I like the photography of Kevin Kunstadt, and I’m sharing it so that other people can find him as well.  I like the variance and exotic appeal of his subject matter.  I like the color palette he has.  I like the way he composes his imagery, and the way some photographs look much older than others.  He also photographs some of the same business I do, construction sites, cities and such.

    Kevin Kunstadt applies a healthy amount of control over the environment he creates, keeping it quiet and waiting for the people in the image to position themselves just right.  To this effect, his work doesn’t feel contrived or altered by the photographer, but quite natural, making his view of the world much more legitimate to his audience.

    This work is a great example of medium specificity.  It exemplifies the reality of a still image as separate from the constantly-experiencing human perception.

    00:15 3rd Jan 2012

    tags:  Photographer  Photography  Urban Life  City  Construction  Cranes  Streets  Color  Kevin Kunstadt  Exotic  Romanticism