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  1. When the first of the summer rains were beginning to arrive, I was sat in my room watching a particularly nasty storm move through.  It came in patches, pouring for an hour or two, and then remaining dry and overcast for a bit. 

    I was especially restless on this day.  I had allowed an idea to crawl into my head, and it stuck there completely unyielding to reason.  I had figured if it was Sunday, and it was raining, the bridge build site down the road on Lowry Ave. would be left empty.  They were spanning the Mississippi river, and had been steadily working on the project for at least a year or two. 

    All I wanted was to wander around, take some pictures and leave, so I threw on my rain suit, and looking thoroughly like the Gorton’s Fisherman, I drove down to the incomplete bridge.

    I bumped into some locals as I was crawling over the mesh fencing, who were drinking and smoking outside of the corner bar.  I asked them if the project manager was on grounds, and that I was supposed to meet with him today for photographs.  They said they had no idea, so I continued ahead, and built my cover story on the fly.  The rest of the trip was very quiet though, and the weather become increasing beautiful.  All that’s left to do now is drive over the thing when it’s complete.

    "The Lowry Bridge Build" -  Adventure Series #1
    Completed Mid 2011 - Photography Work - Shapes Industries

    11:33 6th Oct 2011

    tags:  Adventure  Exploration  Infiltration  Bridge  Rain  Overcast  Sunday  Photography  Construction